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Onespire Ltd. is an IT and management consulting company with a Hungarian ownership background.

We provide premium-quality service for our Hungarian and international Clients through our outstanding professional know-how.

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Onespire: The one who inspires you

Our services’ outstanding quality, flexibility, and our diverse professional experience, our consultants’ constant development and determination all inspire extraordinary performance.

Our operation focuses primarily on the implementation of ERP systems and providing IT and management consulting services related to corporate business processes.

It was the clearly stated objective of our establishment to create a dynamically improving organization that can handle our Clients’ needs and vision flexibly.

Our excellent and well-integrated team of experts has been collaborating for more than ten years with tens of thousands of successfully delivered project days in our history.

We pay particular attention to getting acquainted with the latest IT trends and maintaining our partner relations.

As a Silver SAP partner, we adapt our business strategy to the SAP product development trends.

Why choose Onespire?

Premium quality

We are striving to provide distinguished quality in our services.

Decades of experience

Our Specialist Team has more than ten years of experience.

Latest technologies

We follow-up and master the latest IT solutions continuously.



Successful projects 2020

Our Management

Gerencsér Judit

Judit Gerencsér

Human resources and operations

Homola Szabolcs

Szabolcs Homola

Strategic Business Development

Álmos Paksi

Sales and Business Development

Paksi Álmos

Csaba Pásztor

Competence Management, Key Projects Support

Pásztor Csaba
Papp Bertalan

Bertalan Papp

Business Development, Key Projects Support

Halmos Endre

Endre Halmos

Business Development, Key Projects Support

Our services

Onespire Ltd.

Beyond our greenfield SAP system implementations, at most of our Clients we are working on the further development of the existing processes and the design of the future strategical foundations. Our consultants have an outstanding professional background in the traditional logistic, production, financial and BI modules.

Furthermore, we consciously build our expert competency on the new SAP product line, and we also hold project experience unique in the country regarding several products.

SAP szolgáltatások ikon


SAP consulting Budapest, Hungary: implementation, development, support.

Menedzsment tanácsadás szolgáltatás ikon


Efficient services at all levels of business transformation. 

Rendszerintegrációs szolgáltatás ikon


Integrating Enterprise Reources Systems and IT solutions.

Data science és innováció ikon

Data Science
and innovation

Platform independent technology and  business solutions.

Our key personnel

Ferenc Patkás
Ferenc Patkás
Business & Competence
Frederic Santens
Frederic Santens
Business development,
Szalai Anett
Gábor Balázs
Szalai Anett
Tibor Barabás
Inbound and Production
Szalai Anett
Anett Szalai
Outbound logistics,
account mmt.
Szebenyi Bálint
Bálint Szebenyi
UI5, Fiori
Pásztor Péter
Péter Pásztor
Warehouse and transport
Szalai Anett

Attila Bárány
Project and account

Kaprinyák Zsolt

Zsolt Kaprinyák
Business Intelligence

Apáthy Sándor
Sándor Apáthy
Data science &
Szalai Anett

Péter Gaál
Plant Maintenance

Kiss András
András Kiss
Kun Szilárd
Szilárd Kun
Finance, accounting,


Our company, Onespire Ltd. is a member of INOVIVO Group holding, a leading hungarian IT and business consulting company.

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