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Our System Integration services

Our ERP & System Integration services

Challenges in System and ERP Integration

A growing number of companies are realizing that synchronizing and regularly updating the complex software and hardware environments of their ERP systems and connected IT solutions represent a major challenge.

System integration requires permanent strategic and operational attention due to the continuously varying business and statutory requirements, the increasingly important IT security actions and the progressively changing technology. The task becomes even more complex and system integration clearly needs specialized expertise when outdated solutions are present, replacing a component is inevitable or an on-premise solution will be moved to a cloud-based platform.

Software and system suppliers usually don’t possess the necessary knowledge and experience required to execute system integration tasks and the coordination of the entire application environment is not within their scope.

It is highly recommended to involve an external expert in the integration tasks to lower the risks, for cost-efficient execution and optimal returns.

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Introducing Onespire Ltd.’s system integration services

Over the past years our company’s business unit specializing in the coordination of IT solutions has successfully managed numerous ERP and other software related projects. In several cases the budget of the system integration projects led by our specialists has reached billions in HUF.

Our team of experts has confident application integration experiences acquired through the years at domestic and foreign corporations and in heterogeneous IT environment. Our colleagues possess high level technological and methodological knowledge, and also have outstanding practical experience in coordinating external suppliers.

In recent years our team has gained strong and up-to-date knowledge in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) preparation and implementation through the projects carried out in Global Service Centres.

Besides participating in the implementation of the automated process model, our consultants can also play a key role in the integration of the related services into the client’s organizational culture. We apply a holistic approach in the planning and execution of our system integration services, our attention extends to the following: entire current and planned IT software and hardware environment, business requirements, data assets, external factors, trends and forecasts and other unique parameters and limits.

Beyond the narrow definition of system harmonisation and ERP integration tasks, we also provide competent and firm project management services to coordinate and deliver complex business, IT and process optimization tasks within the set limits.

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