Our Management Consulting services

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Our Management Consulting services

Today’s environment requires constant change, companies often run several complex projects overlapping one another in time and scope.

The success and future prospects of the businesses are fundamentally influenced by the timely and successful execution of the key important organization, business and IT developments. 

Efficient company transformation

Onespire Ltd.’s management consulting business unit supports our clients with high quality and efficient service on all level of the transformation. As a consulting partner we not only take part in creating and forming business strategy, surveying capabilities and possibilities, selecting optimal and doable solutions, but we participate in the execution of the plans and in the arrangement of the operational tasks.

Significant transformations affecting the organization, processes and technology have an elemental impact on the whole company.
Appropriate change management will result in motivated and efficient labour, updated operation, automated workflows, cost savings and the skill of innovation adaptation. All of these factors will ensure the company’s successful and effective future operation.
Therefore we also place a great emphasis on weighted and integrated task administration during change management. 

Our related services

Onespire Ltd.’s management consulting services are available separately or in connection with our other key services (SAP services, System Integration, Data Science and Innovation). Our management consulting business unit focuses on our clients most crucial issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, operation, technology, transformation, business intelligence and company finances.

We are convinced that successful execution and delivery of different IT and business projects requires a well definable, separate and unique competence. Based on our experience each component of management consulting service is crucial and has a great impact on the success and effectiveness of our clients’ various projects.

During the support work our experienced management consulting colleagues collaborate closely with our client’s assigned employees, department, or third party business analyzers, developers and other ERP module specialists.

Onespire Ltd.’s project delivery and management consulting service unit supports our clients efficiently in managing important and complex projects, and executing changes affecting the etire organization.

Our management consulting service portfolio

Main areas of Onespire Zrt.’s management consulting service business unit:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Project management
  • Program Management Office
  • Change Management
  • Operations Development
  • Process and Service Management

Our professional Project Managers support our clients with successful project deliveries through fine-tuning business processes, increasing operational efficiency, lowering costs and attaining competitive advantages.

Our experienced and practical colleagues support our customers with high quality services in managing complex projects, advocating in business demands and expectations, and also with executing planning, organizational, managing and governance tasks.

SAP product line

In addition, we consciously build our expert competencies on the new SAP product lines and support its continuous innovation. As a result, we have unique project experience and knowledge in the country for several SAP software products.

We also have extensive experience with the latest SAP solutions, with a number of significant and successful references in SAP S/4, SAP BW/4 HANA implementation projects and transformations.

The first SAP EWM implementation in Central Europe was also performed by our colleagues, and we are familiar with SAP Work Manager and WMS maintenance solutions as well.
Our team of experts at Onespire Ltd. has experience in the implementation of SAP BPC planning applications and successfully accomplished project references, and one of the most significant domestic SAP Solution Manager implementation projects is also associated with our team.

SAP BI consulting services

Our company has the largest and most experienced SAP BI team in Central Europe.

The complexity of our SAP services has resulted the development of several competence centres in recent years, whose key tasks include keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies related to their areas of expertise, bringing together innovation activities and continuously training our consultants and developers.

Our other services

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