Best practices for querying invoice data in Hungary 

Budapest, 30 June 2021

Roundtable discussion with the participation of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA) and our colleague, Anett Szalai about the situation of electronic invoicing and invoice processing

The data of the issued invoices can be queried for a year now in Hungary, which prepares the automation of the accounting and the VAT declaration. On the anniversary, at the online professional forum of SDSYS Ltd., Anett Szalai, Head of the SAP Outbound Logistics Competence Center of Onespire Ltd., Szabolcs Czöndör, Head of the IT and Transfer Pricing Control Department of NAV KAVIG, Attila Mizsányi, Head of the Digital Solutions Control Department of NAV, Csaba Kocsis, Head of Online Account System Development and Károly Poór, the CEO of SDSYS shared their experience and thoughts on the topic.

At the beginning of the roundtable discussion the participants clarified some issues related to the concept of electronic invoicing.

Next, data of the surveys about the spread of electronic invoicing and the potential of the NTCA XML-invoice were reviewed.

According to our colleague, Anett Szalai, the administrative revolution regarding the electronic processing of incoming invoices is progressing well, however, the process of issuing and sending outgoing invoices is not yet fully electronic or automated. The National Tax and Customs Administration considers the XML-invoice as a good opportunity to create a unified template and structure, which can also help in automating the invoice issuing. She also pointed out, that there are difficult to standardize areas, such as the environmental product tax, which requires human intervention in the invoicing process even in the long run. As a result, there is a number of feedbacks on further expansion of the currently available XML datasets.

Due to the usage of e-invoicing using NTCA XML, it is expected that users will digitize their entire corporate management system, as using this as a foundation they will not have to develop their own solution.

Another topic of the roundtable discussion was the issues related to the operation of the system, which mainly occur in the form of slowdowns, but sometimes even in the form of downtime.

Watch the video of our roundtable discussion!

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Best practices for querying invoice data in Hungary

Author: Anett Szalai

SAP Outbound Logistics Module Competence Centre

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