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Introducing Onespire Ltd.’s SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Competence Centre

The SAP Business Intelligence or any other BI solutions are the most significant information sources for a company’s decision-making process. BI is used by the whole organisation from top managers to business analysts.

Onespire Ltd.’s Business Intelligence team, the largest SAP BI team in Central Europe always tries to find the best solution for the given problems from the many different modelling options, new technologies and front-end tools.

Our SAP Data Warehouse and reporting solutions

Our experts are providing SAP DWH solutions including 3x, 7.5 and the newest SAP BI solutions, using a variety of display tools. In the recent years with the emergence of the SAP HANA database technology the data modelling possibilities has significantly changed in SAP BW, making us dedicated to the possibilities offered by SAP HANA.

Our team was the first in the country to implement a large HANA based BW project, and ever since we are providing HANA based solutions to our clients, from greenfield implementation to HANA migration.
Our colleagues have experience in creating data models and reports using SAP BW on HANA and SAP BW4 HANA, using HANA native data modelling tools. Our experts are confident in preparing complex calculation view reports.

Performance optimization

We have created reports on S4HANA, BW4HANA and BW on HANA. We always put considerable effort and make tedious testing in order to create the best performance possible for our reports, with the fastest response time. We test performance issues from the beginning of the data model to the end, from the DSO to the front-end dashboards exploring all possibilities.

Our goal is always to reach the best performance possible with the most standard solution, so when our partner starts to use and operate the new reports and back end model, they face no issues. We always provide sufficient documentation and training to our partners for the front-end and back-end solutions as well.

We helped our clients to migrate from BEX analyser to Analysis for Office, and for the IT team from GUI and Bex Analyzer to Eclipse.

SAP BI tools: Performer Suite

A “must have” application for your SAP BI environment

Performer Suite is a powerful set of tools designed to automate SAP Business Analytics processes. The software makes the daily work with SAP BI solutions easier and more efficient. Performer Suite can automate time-consuming routine work and enhance cooperation between internal and external teams.

Discover how Performer Suite can support your SAP BI operation with the following tools:

  • Docu Performer: Automate technical SAP BI documentation
  • System Scout: Analyze and maintain SAP BI systems
  • Migration Booster: Boost SAP BW/4HANA or SAP BW on HANA migration projects
  • Translation Steward: Translate SAP BW system effortlessly

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Integrating external systems

In the recent years SAP enabled the use of SAP data models with external front end tools. This in practice means that the SAP system can be connected with any popular front-end applications. For instance, a Power BI with a HANA Calculation view, or with the help of Odata to an ABAP CDS view can be handled integrated. Using this possibility, we created reports and dashboard for our clients with Lumira Power BI and SAC as well.

Onespire Ltd. is one of the first consulting firms in Central Europe to implement a greenfield S4HANA implementation. Within the framework of this project our BI team created reports in Embedded analytics, using CDS views and Fiori applications.

We are deeply dedicated to the possibilities provided by SAP Analytics Cloud, such as reporting, data modelling, planning and predictive analytics. Our team has experience with AI, IOT and predictive analytics both in SAC and in Embedded analytics.

SAP BI Service: Our vision and cooperation

We stand by SAP’s directive for Business Intelligence “The integration of Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning, and Augmented Analytics in a single engine allows for a smooth experience from reporting, to simulation, to enterprise planning, and back again, all augmented by machine learning.“ We expect to offer continuously better and more integrated solutions for our partners.

As the biggest SAP BI team in Central Europe we pay special attention to the development of our colleagues from the latest back-end solution to the newest front-end tools in the market.

Onespire Ltd. and the SAP BI team has a partnership with Microsoft and IBM. As part of the cooperation our team started to explore the usage of COGNOS and TM1. Power BI is a tool we already use on a regular basis.

Kaprinyák Zsolt

SAP Business Intelligence Competence Centre

Leader: Zsolt Kaprinyák

SAP BI lead expert

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