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SAP Inbound Logistics services

SAP Inbound Logistics Competence Center

In modern business life it is extremely important to decrease operational costs and static inventory/assets and to maximize performance. The same is true for logistics, as well, where price and inventory optimalization and consistency are key.

SAP Inbound Logistics module assures low shipping fee of inbound goods, effective warehouse management, instant notification about potential problems or delays, a greater customer satisfaction and bigger vendor compliance.

SAP Inbound Logistics module can be found in the classic SAP ECC (SAP ERP Central Component) and in the next-generation S/4 HANA system, as well. Our experts possess extensive competence in both systems, and offer industry-specific consultation in strategic (Source to Contract) and operative (Procure to Pay) procurement processes.

Our company’s goal is to build competence in supporting procurement digitalization and transformation, based on Procurement 4.0 initiatives, taken into account cloud based SAP (Ariba) and other, non-SAP solutions, focusing on integrating them in end-to-end processes.

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Production logistics

Every business that has a manufacturing operation will have implemented some level of production planning functionality to ensure that finished goods will be manufactured and delivered according to the customer’s sales orders.

Production planning is also a vital process in the SAP ERP system, supporting the optimal operation of the company’s supply chain by coordinating customer demand with the organization’s manufacturing capacity in order to schedule the procurement of materials and production of the finished products.

SAP Production Planning module

The SAP ERP system’s Production Planning module is one of the core components of SAP ECC (ERP Central Component), effectively supporting companies with their manufacturing, sale and distribution processes. SAP Production Planning functionality is a part of SAP ECC logistics module and fully integrated with other ECC components, including Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM), Controlling (CO), Financial Accounting (FI) and Quality Management (QM).

The Production Planning module of the SAP ERP system includes all business processes that are related to production. This among others include forecasting, material and production planning, scheduling, various reports, cost control (e.g. monitoring the planned and actual costs), shop floor control, work in progress inventory and quality control. Also, the Production Planning module tracks the movement of goods from the conversion of raw material to semi-finished goods.

Services of Onespire Ltd.’s Production Logistics Competence Centre

Our team of experts is committed to prepare our clients for the future in connection with the SAP Production Planning module by assisting them to become a true digital enterprise.

At the same time during the transformation we ensure continuous adherence to their specific business goals and requirements.

We have established our Production Logistics Competence Centre for the above purpose, supporting the enterprise production planning process. In the recent years our close-knit and experienced team has become a major player on the local SAP consulting market in terms of the SAP Production Planning module and the related internal and external solutions.

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SAP Inbound and Production Logistics Competence Centre

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