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SAP Outbound Logistics services

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The motto of our SAP SD Competence Centre: „To go fast go alone, to go far go together” (African proverb)

A quality consulting service is based on continuous learning, effective collaboration between colleagues, sharing experiences and following the latest market and product information. Onespire Ltd.’s Outbound Logistics Competence Centre is a professional group providing the above to our consultants working with sales processes and interested in localization services.

Our three main goals

  • Studying subjects and tasks offering professional development for the participants.
  • Supporting pre-sales activities.
  • Developing an environment where team members are experts to the others, sharing existing project experiences with younger colleagues, and based on the client situations are looking for new innovative solutions and products for real business challenges.
  • Tasks and focus areas of our SAP Outbound Logistics Competence Centre

Localization – ‘Localization is not only translating!’

In our experience the localisation tasks during the implementation projects have lower priority, although the legal requirements, compliance and other rules are essential.
Localization not only affects finance but is closely interlinked with invoicing and logistics processes.

Onespire Ltd.’s has a dedicated team managing the localization tasks. Our expert team consists of consultants working with related tasks, collaborating closely with SAP Hungary Ltd.

What localization services do we offer for our clients?

  • Providing up-to-date information about the legal background and the the involved business processes.
  • Client specific localisation interfaces.
  • On international rollout projects supporting the implementation partner with the localisation tasks.
  • Providing compliance for the following directives, regulations and systems: NAV Online, online invoicing, Intrastat, SAFT, RFHUAUDIT, EKÁER.

Digital transformation

‘This is not just a question of changing skillset. It is changing of mindset’ – Julie Dodd

Digital transformation is very often used term today, but what does it mean for us? It is an integrated ERP system design to simplify business processes while increasing corporate standards and using new technologies. 

Instead of making processes even more complex, the goal is to maximize the exploitation of the company’s business possibilities, enabling to flexibly respond to the changing economic environment. Among other motives this is why the new SAP ERP system, SAP S4H (Simplification for HANA) was developed.

According to our experience the digital transformation is a ‘journey’, which starts with assessing and analysing business processes and understanding business drivers and identifying its consequences. For clients using the SAP ERP system the method of migration can be defined based on these, i.e. wheather with the conversion of the existing system environment, or with a new, green-field approach.

Our digital transformation services

  • Supporting business process analysis with preconfigured S4H processes.
  • For certain sales processes highlighting the changes made, and its consequences for the client’s business processes.
  • S4H trainings, presenting version differences.
  • Come on services, such as customer code review, transformation assistance and other SAP services.

RPA – ‘Robotic process automation helps humans become more human at work.’

RPA is an intelligent technology based on the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities. It is aiming to automate repetitive and monotonous manual activities and creating an intelligent company where employees are responsible for performing the high added value tasks.
SAP’s new digital approach, the cloud and the new HANA platform created the possibility to integrate the opportunities offered by the AI and machine learning capabilities with back office processes. 

Our SAP Outbound Logistics Competence Centre is continuously analysing the business value of RPA usage in sales.

We have so far identified the following processes:

  • processing mass sales orders with an external tool
  • automatized return processes
  • workflows
  • further possible business cases are under inspection 

Customer Relationship Management

‘How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.’ – Bill Gates

Our prospects, leads and clients are influenced through multiple channels and their choices are virtually endless. Consequently they are more and more conscious and well-informed, which creates a significant challenge for companies.

Not being able to reach and address a certain target group properly, and not properly using the data collected from leads and clients can became a significant market disadvantage. One essential element of the success is to provide customized offers for each customer and to make them feel important for the company.

The static and single-channelled CRM systems used earlier are not supporting the above needs, so it is necessary to audit and modify them.

We provide the following consulting services to our clients:

  • Strategic assessment
  • CRM platform analysis
  • Business transformation
  • Technical roadmapping
  • Prototype development

Onespire Outbound Logistics Competence Centre – Future plans and directions

‘Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.’ – Li Keqiang

Our competence centre is continuously following the market trends, related products and their changes. One of our goals is to use the knowledge gained during these activities in our implementation projects in order to find the best possible client-specific solution.

Developing and updating our industry-specific knowledge: since we are working with sales activities our aim is to continuously review, ‘discover’ the possibilities presented in Retail solutions.

The trade sector is going through significant changes due to the modifying buyer behaviour and digitalization. This is the sector mostly impacted by the effects of COVID-19, with segments positively and negatively affected. We anticipate substantial shift to digitalization, with reducing paper-based work processes, automation of warehouse management systems in merchandise logistics, related customer services and delivery.

Identifying and developing product and service possibilities caused by changing conditions and requirements.

Supporting the Intelligent Enterprise by developing RFA pilot business solutions.

Last but not least from 2022 SAFT, Standard Audit File Tax will be implemented in Hungary also. Some of our existing clients are already involved in the processes to be developed. We intend to actively cooperate with SAP Hungary to prepare the SAP localisation solution.

Our team strongly believes that innovation, new solutions, cooperation and flexible approach has positive effects on projects and on our work and life.

Szalai Anett

SAP Outbound Logistics Module Competence Centre

Leader: Anett Szalai

SAP Outbound Logistics Module expert

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