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SAP UI5 and SAP Fiori consulting

Opportunities provided by SAP UI5 and SAP Fiori

Using a perfectly tailor-made SAP system powered by SAP GUI provides a reliable solution for your company’s business. But it doesn’t mean that you make the most out of your system.

Are you ready to discover the advantages of SAP Fiori? Would you like to discover how it can facilitate daily work and information processing with a modern, state-of-the-art technology?

Our SAP Fiori services

Based on our expertise we can support our clients in all aspects of using the possibilities in SAP Fiori.

  • Implementing a standard Fiori application into an R/3 system?
  • Installing a Fiori Frontend Server?
  • Extending a standard application through an extension solution so that it meets all your company’s special requirements?
  • Developing an application from scratch which is able to cope even with poor mobile network coverage?
  • Replacing ALV reports with Fiori applications without Javascript coding?
  • Managing all Fiori related issues that are inherent to every SAP S/4HANA implementation?
  • Instead of stopping at the UI level taking a deep dive in the backend side with ABAP and CDS?
  • Administering a mission critical Fiori Launchpad which is the end-users’ only access point to an S/4 system?

We have met all the above and our experts are ready to cope with whatever challenge we face on our journey.

What is SAP UI5 capable of?

We believe that SAP Fiori is not a magic wand that can fix all your ECC issues. Nevertheless, we also believe that it has possibilities previously unimaginable in the world of SAP and these should be definitely utilized to make business processes leaner, faster and more efficient.

What are the results of using Fiori?

As a result of faster user interactions employees spend less time with system administration and can pay more attention to value added work.

On management level it takes less time from insight to action and through interactive surfaces and visualizations user experience and acceptance are improved.

That is why we turn our attention towards Fiori design and the SAPUI5 technology behind it.

Onespire Ltd. SAP Fiori and SAP UI5 Competence Centre

A dedicated group of our colleagues have decided to develop their knowledge and competence in this area within the Fiori Competence Centre. Through regular workshops we examine the different areas of Fiori development to ensure that we are well prepared.

The members of the group possess various industry and SAP experiences, therefore besides a technological point of view we can also comprehend an issue with an interdisciplinary approach. This enables us to focus on the business requirements and pay attention to the technical details at the same time.

Our junior colleagues, senior ABAP developers and consultants aim to become Fiori developers who can provide better and better solutions to our clients, which they can be proud of.

Our current goal is to unify and strengthen our knowledge so that each of us can deliver uniform quality software, in order to help our clients with reliable, cost-efficient and easy to maintain solutions.

Behind the scenes Fiori evolves with a speed that is unprecedented in the world of SAP and ABAP. In the future we aim to stay up to date not just with the ECC, but with all the possibilities offered by the SAP Intelligent Enterprise portfolio.

Szebenyi Bálint

SAP Fiori and SAP UI5 Competence Centre

Leader: Bálint Szebenyi

SAP Fiori and SAP UI5 expert

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