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Software play major role in our life, we expect them to work stable, and to serve our everyday life without errors. How software changes regularly and adjust to the new requirements we mitigate the impacts and risks by testing activities. Testing can be time consuming and monotonous. If it happens to be the need of getting the tests automated gets on the table. One of our principals is everything can be automated however it is worthy to automate what can be repeated easily, and what changes rarely.

We understand how important it is for our customers to get a valid picture about test results, and how important to assist the decision makers in their everyday.

RPA – process automation

The robotic process automation benefits arise in business administrative areas where a business process can be easily standardized, and changes rarely. Some of the typical use for RPA is processing an email of a form, opening an attachment, transferring the content of this attachment to an application, verify if the form is filled out completely, send a reply message, provide calculations, etc. With the help of our service your employees can replace the monotonous tasks with creative ones. We are happy to help our customers to get more motivated, up-to-date and cost effective.

Our related services

We are convinced testing can be efficient as a whole. With the testing related services, we can make your testing better.

We can prepare, implement, and apply your test methodology which is adjusted to your development processes, either if it follows waterfall or agile method. The service we provide can be integrated with version control, with test management tools, and with CI/CD.

The condition of the test environments can be verified by health checks, and sanity tests, so the testers will have a real picture of the testing preconditions. Testing can be supported with test data handling, to provide the necessary quality and quantity of data, and business parameter needed.

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